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I started using a vuse three weeks ago to stop smoking and noticed that it made me jittery and in researching it I found that it contained alot of nicotine. So I went with a 4 tritons and 4 black note 30ml 6mg <a href="”>juices. Have not had one cig since then. My plan is to use up the 4 30ml bottles and be done. I found that the real <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>tobacco tasting <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”><a href="”>juice hits the spot and reminds me of the american spirits I enjoyed for many years. I had some withdrawal effects a few days after giving up cigs but…

Vaping works

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hello from Canada, been vaping for a while but new to the forum.

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Hi Everyone, Im so glad i could find a forum for the Sigelei 213.
I just bought the mod yesterday, and i must say I like everything about it, from its looks to the feel of it. Brings me to my question, why does the mod get hot? Am I doing something wrong. I seriously need help here. I have attached a screen shot of the battery Im using as well as the settings. Could you check and tell me if the settings I have it on are right or wrong?
Current readings:
Watts: 35.0
Volts: 2.59
Ohms: 0.19…

Need Advice! SIGELEI 213

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Hi everyone! Today I have two new arrivals from S – BODY and coupon codes for them as well! Both mods are powered by a DNA75, and all the same features that come with this chip (1-75w, amazing tc modes, programable however there are a few differences.

S – BODY Elfin 1 – 75W TC mod with Evolv DNA75 Chip

  • The S – BODY Elfin 75w is the smallest DNA75 device with a built in 18650. This mod is just smaller than a 30ml bottle of e-liquid!

  • USD$80.99 with the coupon code: Elfin75W

  • <a href="”>

S – BODY vapeDroid C1D2 DNA75W

  • The S – Body vapeDroid is a little larger than the Elfin 75 but for a good reason. The vapeDroid can be powered by a 26650 or using an adapter an 18650. Choosing the larger battery will give your device a longer run before charging.

  • USD$94.99 with the coupon code: DNA75Wbuy

  • <a href="”>

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Happy weekend, friends! We're opening up our Labor Day sale early to give ECR and our newsletter subscribers first crack at all your favorite eliquids at 25% off!

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Enjoy the savings! 🙂

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That guy from <a href="”>vapecentric

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