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I’ve tried now three types of cartomizers over the last week, and wanted to give you a review of them.   Kanger 808 Cartomizers (1.80 per piece)   Pros: Cartomizer soft cap is super easy to remove, I need no needle or anything, can just pop it out with my fingers, which makes inbetween dripping […]

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HI all!  Hope everybody had a great Holiday.  Haven’t posted here since Summer.   I’ve been using the Stardust Clearomizers for a while now, probably since late Summer, early Fall.  They’re great.. for about the first 3 days.  After that, they drop off considerably…. at $5 a pop, that’s not a great value.    I […]

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has anyone ever heard of redd vapor. its this unknown supplier that i just recently bought from and i enjoy it completely. they have great customer service. and they gave me a great deal on my starter kit. currently right now im smoking their vanilla 24mg ecig. the associates that i spoke with showed me […]

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Ok so now I have decided to get this tank as I feel is is the highest quality and the easiest to refill – I want to know which cartomizer I need to use with this though, because the options are standard resistance and low resistance. They also come in regular size and XL […]

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Hey peeps,   I purchased a ready pack from a local store of Nicmaxx-Inlife e-cigs, and i am having trouble finding blank cartomizers to fit.  I cant seem to find any information on what type of battery this is or what carts will fit. Any help would be appreciated!   Thanks!

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Hey guys this is my first post! I just brought an ego c twist from totally wicked and i wanted to know the best attomizer/cart/carto/clearo i can buy for this device.. i havent recieved my ego c yet but should be here soon!