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I am ordering all 5 of my kids kits for Christmas. I have found some very reasonable kits but they only come with the charger that goes into the computer to charge so I am trying to get all of the them adapters to charge in the wall because some of them do not have […]

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Hello everyone,   If money and availability were not an option what would be your device of choice? The reason I ask is because over the past 2-3 weeks I have been scouring the web for another device and would like to hear your opinions.   Thanks and have a great day.

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Thought i purchased a legit ego t vv1100 mah battery but turned out to be a knock off. The battery is working fine with my kanger pro tank however the problem is you cannot turn the battery off. This will be a big problem if you keep this device in your pocket. One solution might […]

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Sent a ‘one star’ review to AV. I emailed them and told them all their ‘5 star’ reviews looked rather suspicious, and that I suspected they ‘cherry picked’ their reviews. They assured me that they did no such thing, but two weeks later, my objective ‘one star’ still isn’t there.   So, I would be […]

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So a thread about this over at ECF, of course cannot find it anymore (buried already).   Does anyone else notice moisture in their nostrils or a runny nose, or a dripping nose when using an e-cig and exhaling through the nose?   Odd thing.

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Ok guys so I decided its time for me to quit analogs. Been smoking for 10+ years. I picked up an ego-c kit a few days ago. I have been vaping on it ever since.   Although I have limit my use analogs, I still smoke one every now and then. Guess I am waiting […]

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For the past couple of years I’ve been using an ego c-twist with clearomizers and they’ve worked great, but my current set is barely holding a charge and I’m considering trying something different like these “mods” I keep reading about. My question is, what makes something like a vtube, provari or other mod so much […]

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I bought what I thought was an ego c starter kit from eBay for $25.(extremely new to all of this). After a couple of days the battery quit holding a charge so I contacted the seller (many transactions, 100% positive feedback). She apologized saying that happens @maybe 1/500 times and quickly shipped another battery with […]

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I found this site called superohm, they have a couple of the things I have been looking for at a great price, which scares me. Has anyone purchased from them before? If so, did you have any issues with the service/product? Thanks guys!

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Ok So I christened a plastic ce4 with a cinnamon liquid lol .I knew better I just *thought* I could try the cinnamon vape a few times then dump it out and wash the tank real quick and be ok . so yeah ,no you need a glass tank . I got a busy and […]