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I have been trying to make a micro coil for my davide for a few days now.  I have been experimenting with different number wraps and different diameter core.  I have seen tutorials out there that they get around 1.8 ohm out of it.  How are they doing this?  Any of the coils I have […]

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So I have the vapors tongue maybe I think.. I have a kanger pro tank 2 with vision spinner and I just got some cinnamon bun from mount vapor. I dripped it first amazing.. so I put it in my tank, still very strong but now not much and seems to be a weird plastic […]

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So far in 3 months of vaping I have converted 4 people, which makes me happy because they are all good friends of mine. Always looking to push e-cigs on people I know and love…

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So I have a ego-cc, earlier today while I was using it, it worked just fine I noticed a bit of a sizzle and I’m guessing it’s the juice that’s being heated also while I was vaping I noticed like a bubble sound. Also didn’t think much of it. About 3 hours later I picked […]

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I just got finished hooking him up with a pro tank 2 and mini davide for him to take to work tomorrow on his evod batteries ,not because Im Pushing him but because he asked me to  (and a short lesson in inhaling lol )  Im so happy !!! 

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Good morning again, well not really. It is one of those mornings when nothing seems to be going right and the thought keeps hacking at me to just say —- –, I’ll just go down to the closest convenient store and get a pack of smokes. I never had all this difficulty when I used analogs. […]

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I was at my B&m today looking over their hardware and they had a new tank! Something I’d never seen or heard of before. Anyone else heard of these? Are they any good? It hits well and delivers flavor but it seems like the vapor production is lacking. Also it’s leaking into the center post […]

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Hey all. When I first got my Vivi Nova I learned that when I first filled it up or after a wick change you needed to let it sit for a while to “wick up”. My question is, with these coils that go in the Protanks and Davides do they need to sit also? I […]

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Hello all,   Quick question for you. When using my kick by evlov do I need to turn down the wattage when I put in a fresh battery? If so, then when would it be ok to crank it back up again? I like to vape at 8 watts for most of my juices.   […]

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Hi everyone.. While sitting around shooting the BS today someone brought up the topic of high end mods. Next thing you know, we were all reminiscing about our first device. Mine was a standard e-go 650 w/ an optimized CE5 clearomizer. By optimized I mean a friend replaced the factory coil and wick with a […]