Author: Vape | Date: November 5, 2013 | Please Comment!

Hi All,


I just ordered a SS Vamo V5 from Fasttech $32.43 w/Free Shipping!


And I’ve been reading reviews on it and some people have voiced concerns over the threads being fragile.

Does anyone have any experience with these, and if so, have you had any issues with the threads?


I work with sheetmetal so I understand the importance of being delicate with threads, if there is a potential issue is there anything I could do to avoid it?


I just ordered a Davide fullsize and I was hoping to keep that on the V5 fulltime.



On another note, the V5 has not shipped yet and will not ship until next week, I probably have enough time to cancel the order and buy something else.. Any reccomendations for a similar mod? I’d like to keep my price range under $60 for just the mod, I don’t need a kit.



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