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I recieved both of these for christmas and I am wondering what kind of devices I could get to use with these to get the most out of them. Any suggestions? Also, I am wanting to get so liquids, I have just been buying locally at the store here just tobacco flavor. I am a […]

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I have a question I probably could find but wanted to ask about anyway. Everyone that knows me here knows my woes with my favorite liquid supplier switching to an all VG base and it changing the flavor. First draw is heaven, second less tasteful, third burned. I have to let it sit for a […]

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I recieved a Twist for Christmas…I was going to post a picture on here because it is so pretty but I couldn’t figure out how to do that. Anyway, pretty is nice, but I would really like to know WHAT THE HELL to do with it. I get great Vapor from it, exellant throat hits […]

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Picked up a SmokTech SID about a week ago and a Samsung 3000 mAh battery to go with it. At certain temperatures the battery will slide into the tube without a problem but more often than not, it’s a very tight fit. A couple days ago the battery wrapper tore so I went to a […]

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Does anyone know if the K1000 pipe can be kicked?

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Do you guys get superior clouds with cotton? Mine seem to be whispier than they are with silica. The cotton is definitely making good contact with the inside of the coil…

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Okay, despite vaping six months succesfully, I never really GOT thrat hit. I’m frannkly not enntirely sure I’ve experienced it. What’s kept me going back to juice is is that it tastes so mmuch better than analogs, and I still get my nicotine, although I think I may have decreased that too much, too soon, […]

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so the threading on my hypertank is jacked up. any one know a site where i can buy just the bottom piece that connects to the batt. hope so thanks.

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Thought I’d share this with you lot, it’s variable 1100mAH. Push 5 times to cycle through the voltage. Red – 3.2 Purple – 3.7 Blue – 4.2 Only downside is no ability to turn off that didn’t bother me as I normally leave them on anyway. Built in battery guage and standard ego / 510 […]

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Hi there. I work at a small vape shop in a small town, and I am constantly getting questions on what tank “hits the hardest”. I let people know that it depends on the amount of nicotine in their juice (we only sell up to 24 MG) and that is also depends on their battery […]