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Last I checked a few months back the Magma was the goto recommendation I got. This still true? I did hear its not designed for low ohm builds, will it do .6-.9 ohms fine? Any airflow modifications need done? How about a better recommendation? Where to buy it?

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I want an Aspire mini BAD. Checked ebay and a seller has them at 25$ free ship. Little reluctant to order from the ebay-anyone bought from this seller –vapenw . He/she has a very high rating but i suppose if you end up with a bad one, you lose.  Looking for advice.  Paul

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I’m going to buy a new tank and am looking at the Kay fun but can’t decide on which one to buy. There’s the Kay fun lite,lite plus,lite 3.1 and don’t know the difference. I see they make a clone that’s cheaper but is it worth it? Pleas help.

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Im using a pro tank 3 and I’m having trouble rebuild it because the tube where the coils are is very hard to wrap a 28 gauge kanthal. Is there a tank that has a wider tube that will fit a good sized 28 gauge coil? I like 2.5 ohm and is it gonna be […]

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Hey guys, I just got back from my local vape shop and saw the aerotank mega and nautilus were about 45-60$ … I forget exactly how much but is that normal? Im debating finding things online to get them cheaper but if thats normal then to hell with it, Ill just get them there. Vision […]

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I recently bought a T3S tank, and i liked it. I’m usually an evod/aspire girl, but i liked these.  Well i needed some coils so i went to my local vape store to buy some.  Well i got home and the coils they gave me didn’t look like they fit very well, but i went […]

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The title says it all! What do you think takes it? Keep in mind this isnt for dripping (not sure if it even applies but rather say it than it becoming a debate)   Any big differences? (Im dizzy reading everything I can and need some “dumbing-down”… Throw up some pics and put your vote […]

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Hey guys I fell across and it seems to sortof function as a type of amazon. Only reason Im browsing that site is that its not blocked at work hehe… Anyhow! Have any of you ever ordered from that site? I dont want to order anything online unless I have legit info regarding its […]

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Alright I know how to make micro coils now and have had several successful rebuilds. I’m using the vamo v3 with a protank 3 and 32 ga. Kanthal. When I wrap the coils so far I can only get it to 3.3 ohms. My target is 2.0 ohms to 2.5 ohms. Can you tell me […]

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Just noticed on the Veteran Vaper forum the the Aspire Nautilus should be loaded with at least 70% Pg juice. I need at least 50/50 for my juices. Which do you think is the best tank for high VG juices? Darn, I had my heart set on a nautilus.   Paul