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Dallas, TX (PRWEB) October 16, 2013 Electronic cigarettes are tobacco free, so they are healthier to smoke than normal cigarettes, which consist of many different harmful chemicals. Smoking can kill and there is no denying that fact. When people smoke normal cigarettes, they are slowly destroying their health. A tobacco cigarette not only puts the […]

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  There seems to be a testimonial posted to this forum almost weekly, but usually disguised under someone’s introductory post, and occasionally I use the search function to find scattered testimonials.  Seems to me there should be a thread dedicated specifically to testimonials about how someone’s life has been effected by vaping.  I don’t mean […]

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Please support the indiegogo campaign at: … Cig and E-Cig have a conversation about ingredients while perusing their family cookbooks! Get your premium electronic cigarette supplies from The Vapor Depo…

Author: Vape | Date: | Please Comment! – Check out this cool experiment Ray put together that includes an ecig, Coke, toilet paper, rubber bands, …

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ELeaf iStick     I think it is too early for a full blown review, but would like to let you know my findings so far.   (of course as long winded as I am this will be longer than most reviews)   This little thing rocks!   It is tiny, but fits the […]

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I just posted about quitting vaping because lately here there have been people who’ve posted about thinking about quitting vaping.  People here whose posts I’ve read carefully because they are thoughtful, intelligent, interesting and most of all entertaining.  Maybe this is just evolution in action.   I’m no where near that yet if ever.  I started […]

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I have to admit to a certain resentment I used to feel towards people who’d successfully quit smoking.  Like maybe they were like the rats deserting the sinking ship.  Leaving the club.  Traitors to the cause.  Or maybe just totally jealous of those who could do what I couldn’t.  I would of course cover by […]

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Voici une présentation de la cigarette électronique Mini V2 E-KYF, que vous pouvez retrouver sur le site d’information de la cigarette électronique http://ww…

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Hi Folks,   I know, surveys are a real pain in the backside. I’d love for our members and customers to take 5 minutes (it’s short!) to provide some feedback about the Vapor Talk Store. We personally read every response. Your feedback whether good or bad really helps to create a better Vapor Talk for […]

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I’m sorry.. I know I’m late to this, but I just watched something on YouTube about these new regulations.  But, I’m not sure how it’s going to affect us, exactly..     Can someone dumb this down for me?