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I have a Nemesis clone and it came with an extra extension for the tube.I have always wondered what it is for,can anyone help me on this one?

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Im new to the vaping world like alot of people that join this forum everyday. I want to share my experience with all of you new and old. I have tried to quit analogs for sometime now and decided to try vaping again. My first kit I bought was about 5 or 6 years ago. […]

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Maybe I need counseling….    There was a young man named Dave Who made mushroom juice in a cave. He said, “I’ll admit, it’s not a big hit.” But think of the money I save.   A friend also wanted to save, So he made mushroom flavours with Dave He also admits, the flavour’s like […]

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I think I have too much stuff.  I have 3 mvp’s, an e-LVT water proof thingy, 3 SVTs 4 i taste pen thingys, several egoTs, countless batteries, chargers of all shapes etc.  But just now after a couple weeks of no use, I hooked a tank on my first VV mvp that I got in […]

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There once was a man from Nantucket Who bought all his juice in a bucket He said with a grin As he puffed yet again If I had some more money, I’d truck it.   There!  For the first time in all my 62 years, I wrote it without a single vulgar line!  Now THAT’s […]

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Does the Nautilus vape 100% VG good? Or is it too thick to wick up,im really considering getting one.

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And I can’t seem to find it, I purchased the bottles but haven’t received any confirmation or email regarding the order…wondering if anyone knows the post I’m talking about…

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I am getting 4 Nautalus Tanks and a Provari for Christmas so I would like to find 4 really nice looking drip tips to top them off. Does anyone have any suggestions about places that sell the really nice one?

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